Thames Valley Police release anti-knife crime grime single

What a week for grime. First, Wiley, the genre’s original Godfather, finally got the number one he’s craved for so long. And now, er, Thames Valley Police have released their own grime single, with the aim of discouraging gang violence.

Unfortunately (or fortunately – we’re not really sure), ‘An Eye for an Eye’ doesn’t feature a load of bobbies screwfacing into an camera and chewing on a Junior Spesh. In fact, there’s barely a policeman in sight: instead, you get appearances from marginally recognisable grime vocalists Styler, Sicx, Treasure and Dimples in a video put together by local DJ LoMotes. And you know what – it’s actually pretty good, and certainly doesn’t come across as cack-handed as you’d expect this sort of thing to.

Speaking about the track in fact, LoMotes claimed that he was originally worried the project would be “forced”, but eventually had “creative control” [via The Guardian]. You can watch the video below, and make your own mind up.

Now, who remembers ‘Bibles Bibles’?



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