Desire Records have reissued Chapters, a collection of tracks by little-known 4AD act Dance Chapter.

Dance Chapter were one of the earliest signings to 4AD; Peter Kent, who co-founded the label with Ivo Watts-Russell, thought they might be able to fill the void left by Joy Division. Though they didn’t succeed in this impossible task, the band did make some great records: namely the ‘Anonymity’ 7″ (1980) and the four-track Chapter II 12″ EP (1981).

Chapters brings together the tracks from the long out-of-print 7″ and 12″, officially licensed from 4AD, and adds a previously unreleased track, ‘Uncertainty’. The record is packaged in a glossy full-colou sleeve, with a double-sided 12″ insert reproducing the original cover designs. The record is available to order here, with the first 100 copies coming on red vinyl.

Desire have delved into the 4AD archives before, reissuing albums by Mass and In Camera on vinyl last year. On a non-4AD tip, they recently released the first ever vinyl reissue of Monoton‘s classic 1982 electronic album Monotonprodukt 07, and have similar plans for Ike Yard‘s self-titled LP of the same year.

Be sure to read our interview with current 4AD boss Simon Halliday about the weight of the label’s history on its current operations.

1. Anonymity
2. New Dance
3. Uncertainty
4. Backwards Across Thresholds
5. Demolished Sanctuary
6. Attitudes
7. She



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