Canadian up-and-comer Ryan Hemsworth readies Last Words

Canadian up-and-comer Ryan Hemsworth has been impressing us a lot of late, both with his original productions and his bootlegs (most notably this Frank Ocean one).

This month, Hemsworth will release a new EP, Last Words. Based in Montreal, Hemsworth’s been working with rappers like Haleek Maul and Main Attrakionz, and on ‘Hyperbolic Chamber Music’, a project for Mishka, he released a 22-minute track with 26 different MCs from across America. Taking about Last Words, Hemsworth claims that “making an EP is limiting in how many tracks you can have and how long it can be, but I think it’s a healthy challenge.

“I’m trying to put a whole bunch of feelings into under 25 minutes, in a way that can work in the club, bedroom, car, or wherever it’s listened to. It’s not what every artist intends to do with an EP but I find it fun to approach it that way. That’s what I wanted, a bit of everything. Brightness, darkness, positive, negative, quiet, loud. Once the tracks are there, the other stuff slowly falls into place.”

Remixes, from Los Angeles man of the moment Shlohmo and others, will be announced next week. Until then, you can stream the video for ‘Charly Wingate’, the first track to leak from Last Words, below.



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