Owner of Reading and Leeds to launch new festival in 2013

The man behind UK festival staples Reading and Leeds will launch a new festival in 2013.

Speaking to Music Week [via NME], Melvin Benn, chief executive of Festival Republic (who as well as running Leeds and Reading, helm the Latitude Festival and were, until this year, involved in Glastonbury) reveals that “It’s going to be a very small festival, very independent, very tiny. I am very positive about it.

“Festivals is a very busy, probably saturated market but there will be new additions next year and there will be people that stop doing it next year – that’s the nature of things. Overall, I feel very confident about it.”

More details of the venture are promised in September or October. The news comes in the midst of a difficult year for festivals: even before the much-discussed Bloc 2012 collapse, fests such as The Big Chill, Lake of Stars and Underage were forced to take a year out for varying reasons.



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