Earlier this week we drew your attention to an excellent Gavin Russom remix of Alice Cohen’s ‘Mauve Mood’, which you can download – along with the original version – here.

Cohen’s Pink Keys marked the return of Olde English Spelling Bee after a quiet spell in 2011, and its ornate synth pop nestles neatly in amongst the label’s much-feted discography.

‘The Lacemakers’ first appeared on Radio Scenic Glow Vol. 1, a compilation put out on Daniel “Oneohtrix Point Never” Lopatin’s Upstairs CD-R label in 2009, where it rubbed shoulders with the likes of Games, Gatekeeper and Stellar Om Source. Cohen’s vocal is absent, and it’s rather more introspective than ‘Mauve Mood’: florid synth lines weave in and out of each other over a plodding bassline, making no bold statements but giving off a quiet, dignified sense of purpose.

The video to the song, shot on Super-8 by Stephanie Wuertz, is a shadowy, monochrome affair, with dancing figures and rich, floral patterns just recognisable in the saturated haze. Like the music, it’s precise but antiquated in feel, as if lifted from a past age.

Pink Keys is out on Olde English Spelling Bee now; you can watch the video for ‘The Lacemakers’ below.



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