90s hard trance may not be a genre you’d immediately associate with Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego label.

But, given the label’s increasing dalliances with dance music forms over the past year – Mark Fell’s Sensate Focus records spring to mind – perhaps it was only a matter of time before trance was on the agenda.

Quantum Jelly is the latest release from Milan-based composer Lorenzo Senni, whose own Presto!? imprint has seen releases from a range of experimental electronic musicians including Lawrence English, Evol and Florian Hecker.

According to the press release, the record is “deeply influenced” by the composer’s “love of 90s trance/hard-trance music”, and takes the form of a exploration of the sonic and structural archetypes that dominate the genre. Senni has taken the “most obvious characteristics” of the music and recast them “in relation to his own background in experimental and noise culture”. The five tracks on the album were recorded in one take with no overdubs, using just a single Roland synthesiser as source material.

Quantum Jelly is due for release through Editions Mego on October 8; if you’re as intrigued by the prospect as we are, you can pre-order it here.




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