Bigfooted by the news that Jaz Coleman is alive was the announcement of a three-disc compilation album.

Killing Joke in Dub is exactly what it sounds like: a long-awaited compilation of dub remixes that has “been in the planning for almost 25 years,” according to the band. The post-punks are pioneers in remix culture, having released dub and dance remixes of their songs since the late 70s.

The first disc of Killing Joke in Dub is dominated by remixes by bassist Martin “Youth” Glover; the second features remixes by Nine Inch Nails and the Bloody Beetroots; the third is highlighted by a remix by The Orb. The album will be available for pre-order next week. A Youth remix of Killing Joke’s ‘This World Hell’ is below, along with the tracklist.

KJ In Dub

1. This World Hell – Youth Dub Mix
2. Money Is Not Our God – Youth Dub Mix
3. Love Like Blood – Youth Dub Mix
4. European Superdub – Youth Dub Mix
5. Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove – Clive Goddard Dub Mix
6. Depth Charge – Youth Dub Mix
7. A Sixth Sun – Youth Dub Mix
8. Pole Shift – Geordie & Clive Goddard Mix
9. Tomorrow’s World – Youth Dub Mix
10. The Raven King – Youth Dub Mix
11.ESS – Orb VS Youth Mix
12.Absolute Dissent – Geordie & Clive Goddard Dub Mix
13.Corporate Elect – Youth Dub Mix

KJ In Dub (Dancehall)

1. Change – Spiral Tribe Mix
2. In Cytheria – Bloody Beetroots Remix
3. Seeing Red – Jagz Kooner Remix
4. Democracy – Nine Inch Nails Remix
5. ESS – Youth Remix
6. Savage Freedom – UX Remix
7. Whiteout – (The Intellect Is Ugly) Mandra Gora Remix
8. Love Like Blood – Deedrah Remix
9. In Cytheria – Banda Remix
10. ESS – J.Zoomba Industrial Mix
11. Jana – Hallucinogen Remix
12.Stations Of The Sun – Hallucinogen Remix
13. Pandemonium – Man With No Name Remix

KJ In Dub Retroactive

1. Requiem – A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix
2. Pandemonium – A Thread Of Steel In The Suspension Bridge Of Time & Space Mix
3. Another Cult Goes Down – Portobello Mix
4. Killer – Dub (AKA Bread & Jam)
5. Democracy – The Orb Russian Tundra Mix
6. Democracy – Waxworth Industries Mix
7. Pandemonium – Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres Mix



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