A couple of weeks back we reported on the disappearance of Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman.

His fellow band members were seeking information as to his whereabouts after a dispute over their forthcoming tour with The Cult and The Mission.

The singer has now been found – in the Western Sahara [via The Guardian]. A statement on Coleman’s Facebook page reassures fans that he is “alive and kicking” and “bemused by all the fuss [over] his disappearance”.

Coleman has apparently been living a “nomadic existence” in the desert for the past month, in order to concentrate on writing a book, a TV score and a solo album – the latter of which could see release as early as next week.

The dispute started after Coleman (or, as he alleges, an impersonator) posted a comment on Facebook badmouthing The Cult and The Mission. Other members of the band backtracked on the comment, but several dates of the scheduled tour have since had to be cancelled due to the singer’s disappearance. According to this new statement, Coleman now feels it is “impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances” – so it looks like there’s a good deal of intra-band tension still to be resolved.



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