Typesun is a relative unknown in Bristol’s tight knit scene, although the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted him helping out with Purple innovator Guido’s new live band.

In ‘Heart Maths’, Guido returns the favour, the track having apparently come out of a joint writing session between the two. The boxy 2-step beat is firm but sparse, leaving plenty of space for Guido’s trademark melodic washes and busily arpeggiating keyboard lines to breathe.

Fellow Bristolian Peverelist pitches in with a remix of the track. Pev has a fine form for remixes, tending to take the opportunity to explore facets of his musical language which have perhaps been neglected elsewhere. No different here, where the original’s lush keyboard swells are ramped down in tempo to take on a deep house tinge, supported by pillowy tom hits and a soft, insistent kickdrum thud perfect for the quiet end of a sunny Sunday.

You can check out Amie Nowlan’s half-comical, half-ghostly video to ‘Heart Maths’ below, as well as stream the Peverelist remix in full. The single, featuring both the original and the Peverelist remix, is due out on August 27 on Root Elevation.



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