Savage Republic will release their eight studio album, Varvakios, on September 10.

The album was in fact self-released on vinyl by the band earlier this year, in an edition of 300 copies that sold out before the release had even registered outside of the core S.R. fanbase. Now, LTM Recordings, the UK label primarily focussed on high-quality reissues of classic records from post-punk labels like Factory, New Hormones, Le Disques Crepuscules, has announced a CD edition of Varvakios.

The music was recorded in just three days in Greece in February 2012, and is billed as “a sequel of sorts” to their 1989 album Customs. Several tracks feature violin by Tuxedomoon’s Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon.

Savage Republic was formed by artist-designer Bruce Licher in 1981, and drew inspiration from punk and krautrock alike. Most of their releases came via their own Independent Project label, and though largely a cult concern, they flirted with the mainstream with an appearance on the soundtrack of The Silence Of The Lambs. Their music ranges from intense tribal-industrial mantras via Arabic themes through to jangly, almost C86-style post-punk/indie-rock.
They split in ’89, only to re-form in 2007; that same year, former member Philip Drucker aka Jackson Del Rey sang on Shackleton’s 2007 single ‘Next To Nothing’.

1. Sparta
2. Hippodrome
3. Varvakios
4. Pigadi
5. Kara
6. Poros
7. For Eva
8. Anatolia



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