Us journalists can spend hours rummaging through the internet trying to figure out who worked with who, when it happened and what they did afterwards.

But the anxiety caused by trying to navigate through the labyrinth of information isn’t just limited to the professionals. Unpicking the confusing trajectories of a favoured artist’s career to find the records you might love can be a tortuous process in the internet age – the information’s all there, sure, but working out how it all fits together can be a laborious process.

A new website aims to fix that [via TNW]. Richseam collates a range of information from other websites – biographies, discographies, even gig listings – to draw a comprehensive picture of an artist’s affiliations, collaborations and connections with other artists. Other sites like Discogs have similar functionality, but none are presented in quite such a simple, attractive and downright usable way.

Each artist or group page features a biography, a collection of YouTube videos and a Spotify playlist, along with a comprehensive list of collaborators and connections – ideal for sussing out a serial collaborator like Justin Broadrick, or mapping the extensive remixing career of François K.

The site reportedly features around 171,166 artists and 2.4 million connections and is growing all the time, so while certain areas (UK Garage, for example) are looking a bit sparse at the moment, that’ll doubtless change. We recommend you reach for the “bookmark” button on your browser right about now.



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