Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint, much like Norway’s Sex Tags Mania, can be as frustrating as it is compelling.

Across releases from the likes of Legowelt, Malvoeaux and Zombi’s Steve Moore, the label has sculpted an aesthetic which is simultaneously threateningly loose and impressively focussed: each successive release may be tugging in some new, unexpected direction, but the results always seem to shine further light on Morelli’s singularly impeccable taste.

They’re also, almost without fail, brilliant. The label’s latest is from Mutant Beat Dance – the duo of Melvin Oliphant III and Beau Wanzer – and you can watch the video for the B side, ‘Sketch III’, below [via Juno Plus].

The track is a ponderous, unsettling affair – you feel like it should be a hard-jacking number in the Chicago tradition, but it feels just a little too seedy, too relaxed in its own greasy skin. The video, meanwhile, trades in obscured, saturated tape footage rendered in rich psychedelic colours – the perfect accompaniment to a substance-induced trip spent on the threshold between wrong and right.



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