Avant-garde legends Pere Ubu release new album, The Lady from Shanghai

Pere Ubu: in their pomp, a transcendent blend of krautrock and garage rock, more former members that you can shake a stick at, and one of the avant-garde world’s most adored acts.

The Cleveland group, with vocalist David Thomas at the helm, have been around since the mid 1970s, and have released over 20 albums in their time. The forthcoming Lady from Shanghai will be their first full studio album since 2006’s I Hate Women (though there has been both a live album, and their interpretation of Alfred Jarry’s “Ubu Roi”, Long Live Pere Ubu, released in that time). For the new album, the group have signed to London label Fire Records, home of, among others, post-punk legends Mission of Burma and Jackie O Motherfucker.

The Lady from Shanghai will be released in January 2013. Stream the group’s classic ‘The Modern Dance’ below.



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