Long-standing producer Adam X is preparing to release a new album under his alias for more experimental outings, ADMX-71 [via Resident Advisor].

The album is reportedly inspired by the “second system” of New York’s subway: a project to expand the city’s transport infrastructure which was aborted owing to the onset of World War II, leaving unfinished and disused tunnels all over the city.

The producer drew on his memories of discovering these abandoned spaces when growing up in the city in the creation of Second System. If past AMDX-71 creations are anything to go by, its sound palette will be fittingly dark and labyrinthine. The album – full tracklist below – is due for release on September 15 via Sonic Groove, both as a CD and vinyl LP limited to 300 copies.

You can listen to a highlight from 2009 ADMX-71 album Luminous Vapours, ‘Pulsar Wind Nebula’, below.


01. ‘Future Expansion’
02. ‘Provisions’
03. ‘Winfield Spur’
04. ‘South 4st Connection’
05. ‘Shell Stations’
06. ‘Bell Mouth’
07. ‘Elevated Dreams’
08. ‘Uncompleted Remnants’
09. ‘Mystery At 76st’
10. ‘Subway Inertia’
11. ‘Nine Decades Later’




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