Anstam is one of 50 Weapons’ most formidable, er, weapons.

The producer first came to our attention with a trilogy of hard-hitting self-released EPs between 2007 and 2009, ploughing a furrow somewhere between the ruder fringes of breakbeat, jungle and dubstep and the clinical precision of Berlin techno. The producer (formerly a duo, now just German artist Lars Stoewe) and FACT mix contributor was then picked up by Modeselektor for their taste-making imprint, and delivered his debut album, Dispel Dances, last year.

It’s been revealed that his second full-length release, Stones And Woods, will be released through the imprint later this year. A brief video teaser for the album, which you can watch below, suggests Stoewe’s trademark touch of baroque dread will be in full effect – albeit rendered in brighter colours than we might perhaps expect.

Stones And Woods will be release in CD and 2xLP formats on October 26. Full tracklist below.

1. ‘Morning Shiver Down The Black Wood River’
2. ‘Hope’s Soliloquy’
3. ‘Me And Them’
4. ‘Heart’s Soliloquy’
5. ‘My Dreams Are Made Of Steam’
6. ‘Handsome Dances The Dance’
7. ‘Time Will Show You Who I Am’
8. ‘The Herald And The Lamb’
9. ‘Shoulders’

ANSTAM // Stones and Woods // teaser from ANSTAM on Vimeo.



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