Pinch and Adrian Sherwood recording an album together

Two generations of dub look likely to meet on a forthcoming album project.

In a new interview with Clash, Adrian ‘On-U Sound’ Sherwood, one of dub’s greatest ever producers and protagonists, reveals that he’s recording an album with Pinch, one of dubstep’s favourite sons.

“Pinch has been down [in my studio] a lot lately cutting tunes, we’ve been doing an album together”, explains Sherwood. But Pinch isn’t the only person he’s working with: Sherwood’s also been in the studio with Digital Mystikz and Congo Natty.

I’m trying to get a load of young blood on board, just be operating in healthy activities”, he continues. “Someone like me I’ve got to compete on a level where I’ve got a good live show, and I’m operating on the basis now of a sound system where I’m cutting things with the like of Digital Mystikz, Congo Nasty [presumably Natty], Pinch, so I’ve got good rhythms that are suitable to drop in my set. So I’m playing 60% of my own tunes all night, and the other ones…you know like the old sound systems where someone plays something that they can’t play back to you, that’s how I’m trying to operate.”

You can read the full interview here, and a classic Sherwood interview from FACT’s vaults, conducted by Mark ‘K-Punk’ Fisher, here. Sherwood’s new album, Survival & Resistance, is out today.



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