Download a new track by The Avalanches, 'A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart'. For real, this time.

Australian sample-holics The Avalanches have been teasing new material of late, and now we’ve finally got it.

If you head over to the website of the group, who came to fame with their 2000 debut album Since I Left You, you can download a new spoken word demo by signing up to their newsletter. 12 years on from Since I Left You, it does seem like a follow-up is on the cards – Detroit rapper of the moment Danny Brown has confirmed that he’s written a song with the group, titled ‘Frank Sinatra’, and Royal Trux’s Jennifer Herrema and Ariel Pink are both rumoured to be working with them.

Some unheard Avalanches audio did emerge earlier this Summer, but the group confirmed that it was nothing new, Tweeting that the leaked track was a 12 year old demo. Stream ‘Electricity’, from Since I Left You, below.



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