A new anthology collects the works of Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros.

The Clash frontman would have been 50 years old today. To celebrate the last stage of his legendary career, his former label has digitally released Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros, The Hellcat Years. The anthology collects the band’s three albums, rare B-sides, and a live performance with Clash-mate Mick Jones recorded shortly before Strummer’s sudden death. While not as comprehensive as this Johnny Cash boxset, it’s a fitting tribute to the last years of Strummer’s life.

The anthology includes Rock Art and the X-Ray Style, Global a Go-Go and Streetcore, and Hellcat will reissue the Mescaleros’ three albums on September 25. The ten-year anniversary of Strummer’s death has also been commemorated by a documentary entitled The Future is Unwritten, and rumors of a Strummer biopic surfaced last year. [via Exclaim.ca]

1. Tony Adams

2. Sandpaper Blues

3. X-ray Style

4. Techno D-day

5. The Road To Rock’n’roll

6. Nitcomb

7. Diggin’ The New

8. Forbidden City

9. Yalla Yalla

10. Willesden to Cricklewood

11. Johnny Appleseed

12. Cool ‘N’ Out

13. Global a Go-Go

14. Bhindi Bhagee

15. Gamma Ray

16. Mega Bottle Ride

17. Shaktar Donetsk

18. Mondo Bongo

19. Bummed Out City

20. At The Border, Guy

21. Minstrel Boy

22. Coma Girl

23. Get Down Moses

24. Long Shadow

25. Arms Aloft

26. Ramshackle Day Parade

27. Redemption Song

28. All in a Day

29. Burnin’ Streets

30. Midnight Jam

31. Silver And Gold

32. Time and the Tide (B-side of “Yalla Yalla”)

33. The X-Ray Style (live summer ’99) (B-side to “Yalla Yalla”)

34. Yalla Yalla (Norro’s King Dub) (7:01) (B-side to “Yalla Yalla”)

35. The Harder They Come (live) (B-side to “Coma Girl”)

36. Rudi, a Message to You (live) (B-side to “Coma Girl”)

37. Blitzkreig Bop (live) (B-side of “Coma Girl”)

38. Yalla Yalla (live) (B-side to “Coma Girl”)

39. Armagideon Time (B-side to “Redemption Song”)

40. Pressure Drop (B-side to “Redemption Song”)

41. Junco Partner (from Hellcat Give Em the Boot IV compilation)
42. Shaktar Donetsk (Acton Concert)

43. Bhindee Bhagee (Acton Concert)

44. Rudy Can’t Fail (Acton Concert)

45. Tony Adams (Acton Concert)

46. White Man in Hammersmith Palais (Acton Concert)

47. Mega Bottle Ride (Acton Concert)

48. Get Down Moses (Acton Concert)

49. Police and Thieves (Acton Concert)

50. Cool ‘n’ Out (Acton Concert)

51. Police on My Back (Acton Concert)

52. Johnny Appleseed (Acton Concert)

53. Coma Girl (Acton Concert)

54. I Fought the Law (Acton Concert)

55. Bank Robber (ft. Mick Jones) (Acton Concert)

56. White Riot (ft. Mick Jones) (Acton Concert)

57. London’s Burning (ft. Mick Jones) (Acton Concert)



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