Suzanne Kraft follows up ‘Jus U’ with another slice of slowburning disco on ‘Horoscope.’

Suzanne Kraft is the gender-bending alias of Los Angeles Dublab-affiliate Diego Herrera. Kraft’s Horoscope will be the first artist release by Young Adults, Friends of Friends’ dancefloor-obsessed sister label. Fresh off releasing an introductory compilation, Young Adults describe themselves as “purveyors of future body musics: grow house, sultry sleaze, deep lurk, sunsoaked slowburn and deviant disco.”

If any of those tongue-in-cheek genres sound appealing to you, then so will ‘Horoscope.’ Kraft contributed standout ‘Jus U’ to the Young Adult comp, and this is even more chilled out, offering a four-on-the-floor shuffle, a gentle riff melody, and vocal fragments that reach for the sun. Stream it below; the release (tracklist below) will be out digitally on September 25, with a vinyl soon.

A1. Horoscope
A2. No Worries
B1. Ritmo
B2. Feel
No Worries (Secret Circuit Remix)*
Feel (Max D’s Raw Flute Swing)*
*Digital Only



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