Where's the drop? Wherever you want: remix Skrillex's 'Bangarang' on the fly

OK, so obviously this is FACT and a lot of you don’t like Skrillex, but this is genuinely worth tinkering around with.

A presentatio n at last week’s DUMBO Summer Friday festival introduced a new music app in collaboration with Skrillex, Bangarang Boomerang. In short, it lets you remix Skrillex’s single ‘Bangarang’ on the fly, but before messing around with it, it’s worth reading how to use it (it only works on Google Chrome, by the way):

The grid represents different beats in the song (different colours represent different timbres, so that you know what sort of sound you’re jumping to), with the bright yellow section the bar that you’re currently on. The left and right arrow keys increase and decrease the velocity that the song is playing at (if you drop it to 0, you’re looping a bar, if you drop it to -1 you’re playing it backwards), while the “B” key lets you toggle between beats and tatums on the grid, for more precise looping and manipulating. You can then use your mouse to jump from section to section, re-structuring the song as you go [via Evolver FM].

Developed by Paul and Jennie Lamere of Bohemian Rhapsichord fame, it uses The Echo Nest’s (a previous program by Paul Lamere) to split the song and establish each bar’s timbre and length. You can play with the Bangarang Boomerang here, and if you can’t stomach the drop just pretend it’s Levon Vincent‘s ‘Six Figures’. You can also watch a demonstration video below.



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