You can now watch footage of Usain Bolt DJing in London, hours after breaking a world record

Photo credit: Jimmy Wixtrom

Earlier this month, we posted about Usain Bolt – the world’s fastest man, and one of its most fun-loving – DJing impromptu in London, the same night that he won one of his gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

A small piece of footage has now arrived of the night, via Dummy. Georgina Kenlock, who filmed the video, reports that “as the night drew on, there was talk of the arrival of Mr Bolt, but it was all unconfirmed and it looked as if it was going to come to an end when the slightly bewildered Warren Weir rocked up, and the powers that be were adamant that there would be no Usain. We persevered nonetheless, and decided to enjoy what was left of the night when all of a sudden there was a mad dash towards the DJ decks situated at the top of a set of stairs, where none other than Usain Bolt had revealed himself.

“He said a few words, thanked everyone for their support and then disappeared. Our quick five secs partying with the fastest man in the world looked to be all over when he was whisked away by some excitable security guards down a side exit, but they were merely teasing us, and he re-surfaced minutes later and took to the main stage to DJ for about 10 mins, and intermittently chant ‘Call mi a Yardie’, before handing over to Warren Weir who repeated the now immortal lines, “no english, straight patois” (no, me neither) to much applause!”



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