The Bristol producer joins the ever-expanding vanity imprint game.

‘Footcrab’ mastermind Addison Groove has started his own label, Lost in Translation. This news comes as he prepares to release a 12″ on 50Weapons, the juke anthem ‘I Go Boom.’

The first release on Lost in Translation is a 12″ collaboration by Chesus (of Welsh production clique C.R.S.T.) and newcomer The Organ Grinder. Preview both tracks below; the vinyl-only release is available today, but ‘Audioporn’ will be availably digital.

The title track is the appropriately-raunchy ‘Audioporn,’ which pitchshifts an ‘I want to fuck you’ vocal line into depravity over a similarly sinister bassline. B-side ‘Ampulate’ is breezy only in comparison.

[via XLR8R]



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