Thankfully, he didn’t see what FACT had to say about ‘Bitch Bad.’

On Spin‘s hip-hop blog, Brandon Soderberg asked “why must we continually endure Lupe Fiasco’s half-baked conscious hip-pop?,” in reference to Lupe’s latest video, ‘Bitch Bad.’

When it premiered, FACT called ‘Bitch Bad’ “naive, academic, pedantic, ironic and furious” for its finger-wagging deconstruction of hip-hop misogyny. Soderberg went further:

“Bitch Bad” is, to play Lupe’s game and get histrionic, how you “debase” a “culture.” You twist a rap song into poorly thought-out grab for attention, and give it a muddled video, all under the guise of “starting a conversation,” which implicitly suggests that rap music isn’t having these conversations already.

Predictably, Lupe called out Soderberg on Twitter, saying he would “do my best to expose you and your publication 4 ur actions.” He also called for a boycott of Spin by his fans, many of whom have changed their social media icons to a “Boycott Spin Magazine” logo. Judge the video below, at your own risk.

Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad from Gil Green on Vimeo.

[via AV Club]



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