Watch footage from Skrillex's tiny Shacklewell Arms show

East London’s Shacklewell Arms is an intimate venue for most, but for Skrillex, it’s tiny.

This weekend however, Eat Your Own Ears hosted the dubstep mega-star, and probably the success story of America’s current infatuation with dance music, at the venue. As you’d expect, things got very noisy and very sweaty. As Stool Pigeon‘s live reviewer attests, deck duty was actually split between Skrillex and fellow ‘stepper Flux Pavillion, with Flux doing the majority of the work, and there was even a Skrillex impersonator at the bar (“And on second glance, the fella by the bar isn’t even Skrillex! He’s a lookalike: long black hair replete with an undercut, goofy spectacles and all-black clothes. It’s troubling when you can squint and say with authority, “No, that face is too fat and old to belong to Skrillex,” but there you go.”).

Some kind soul has uploaded two decent quality videos of the gig: one features the place going wild to Skrillex’s single ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, the other features Skrillex and Flux playing Memphis hip-hop-indebted tunes, including one made entirely of Waka Flocka Flame adlibs. You can watch both below.



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