Beanie Sigel arrested on gun and drug charges

AllHipHop News reports that Beanie Sigel (pictured) and a friend have been arrested on gun and drug charges, after their car was stopped by police on I-95 in Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania.

The friend, one Gerald Andrews, was driving the Ford Fusion, which was pulled over shortly after 3am this morning for following another vehicle too closely and swerving out of lane. A routine search of the car found “prescription bottles, pills and plastic bags”; Sigel in particular was apparently in possession of a bottle codeine syrup, as well as $4,650 in cash.

A further search found a gun in the centre console of the car, leading to the arrest of Sigel and Andrews and their being charged with drugs and weapons violations. Sigel was already set to begin a two year prison sentence in September following tax evasion charges. His new album, This Time, was released on Monday.




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