Archie Pelago operate at the interstice between house and Cinematic Orchestra-style jazz.

The Brookyln trio – Kroba, Cosmo D and Hirshi – haven’t done half bad in their short lifespan: they’ve notched up blog chatter, some nifty remix work for the likes of Distal and Wattville, and an eye-opening Mary Anne Hobbs mix. Their modus operandi is a little different to that of their contemporaries, with live extemporised instrumentation – cello, sax, woodwind, etc. – taking a frontseat. The results are sometimes a little po-faced, but more often than not their efforts at cross-fertilisation hit pay dirt.

Juno Plus report that Archie Pelago are now set to release a new EP on fledgling shindig-turned-label Mister Saturday Night. The self-titled EP will feature three new cuts from the group, ranging from the prim (‘Brown Oxford’) to the airy (‘Alice’). The EP also promises to demurely skirt around the edges of house music: ‘Frederyck Swerl’ is much closer in spirit to The Books than, say, Cobblestone Jazz. Archie Pelago will be the sophomore release for the NY label, and follows on from Anthony Naples’ cheery Mad Disrespect EP.

Archie Pelago will drop on September 10. Clips from the EP are available below.



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