By all standards, metal band Lamb Of God have had a traumatic year.

As widely reported, lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested back in June on suspicion of manslaughter. The incident related back to an onstage scuffle in 2010 which reportedly resulted in the death of a fan. Blythe, despite claiming he had been “wrongly accused”, subsequently spent a good month incarcerated in Prague, with the band forced to cancel their European tour. The singer is currently out on bail and back home in Richmond, Virginia. In a lengthy and emotionally charged statement, Blythe promised to return to Czech soil to fight the “ludicrous” charges .

Exclaim now report that, in order to help cover Blythe’s extensive legal costs, the band will be auctioning equipment, memorabilia and other Lamb Of God paraphernalia on eBay. Blythe has offered a vintage Shure SM58 microphone taken from Denver’s Bluebird Theatre, whilst drummer Chris Adler has contributed a snare drum, a kick drum skin and a selection of cymbal bags and pedals. Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler have put guitars up for auction. Bassist John Campbell, rather charmingly, has contributed a painting of him being cut through with a sword by Gwar singer Dave Brockie.

Friends of the band are also getting in on the act. Guns’N’Roses legend Slash will contribute a Les Paul guitar. Metal types Five Finger Death Punch, meanwhile, will also bung some skateboards into the mix. The full list of goodies is available to view here.



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