Once pegged as one of our most mercurial up-and-comers, it’s sometimes hard to dodge the conclusion that Joker’s time has passed.

The Bristol producer’s work is already being taxonomised and anthologised for posterity (Purple Legacy) and, after that astonishing first run of singles, debut album The Vision didn’t so much miss the mark as bypass it entirely.

Still, it would be a shame to write off the (still fledgling) producer just yet. Recent cut ‘Skitta’ was a veritable fantasia of lacquered synth pads, tough and infectious in equal measure. Joker’s now upped a new track, ‘Old Era’, onto his Soundcloud, and it further suggests the lad’s got a coruscating future ahead. Over a stop-start lilt full of negative space, Joker shows off his armoury of drills and trills – nothing surprising, but proof nonetheless that Joker’s signature sound, when effectively deployed,remains pretty undeniable. (Word of warning: the truncated clip contains probably the most infuriating anti-piracy tag we’ve heard in a while).

‘Old Era’ will see release soon on Joker’s own Kapsize label.



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