Peter Van Hoesen to release new album next week; stream it here, now

Peter Van Hoesen – one of contemporary techno’s finest producers and DJs – will release a new album on September 3. As in next week.

Entitled Perceiver, the album will come via his own Time To Express label, and finds the Belgian pushing himself artistically: as well as the richly textured, industrial-strength techno we’ve come to expect, there are experiments in modular electronics, audio collage and sensuous, abstract electronica (see especially ‘Objects From The Past’ and ‘Spectral Participant’). Needless to say the club heads will be plenty satisfied though: ‘Decoder’ and ‘Inspection In Solitude’ are among Van Hoesen’s most direct dancefloor assaults to date.

Apparently the finished product – which clocks in at a healthy 60 minutes – was culled from enough material to fill two albums. The album hits stores next week, and in the run-up to its release you can stream it in full via the Soundcloud player below. Enjoy.



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