Two San Francisco synth-funk masters team up for an EP on Frite Nite.

Teeko Shimon is known primarily as a turntable innovator, whether winning championships, designing gear, or recording for Mark Ronson. Now, Teeko joins vintage funk aficionado B. Bravo (aka Adam Mori) for an EP of revitalized West Coast funk, named after the duo’s 4-piece all live funk band.

The pair aren’t easily pigeonholed, either as funk revivalists or beat scene futurists. While lead track ‘The Roll Out’ revels in Purple Sound synths and woozy basslines, the remainder of the EP recalls classic Parliament Funkadelic, Prince, and Stevie Wonder.

Preview the The Starship Connection EP below. It will be available on vinyl and digital on September 18 via Frite Nite. The live band version of Starship Connection (the two producers alongside Daren Grant and Bobby Menacho) are set to open for Erykah Badu at this year’s Decibel Festival.

The Starship Connection EP
1. The Roll Out
2. More Than Just a Dream
3. Just Like Magic (feat. Amalia)
4. Double Up (K-Murda’s Theme)
5. More Than Just A Reprise (feat. Bob Menacho and Daren Grant)



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