Azealia Banks gets new video for 1991

In the months since her sudden breakthrough, Azealia Banks has made a concerted effort to inveigle her way into the court of high fashion

She made a notable house call for Karl Lagerfeld back in January, and her ‘Liqourice’ video – in which she unleashed her inner vaquero – was directed by glitzy snapper Rankin. The new clip for ‘1991’ continues the trend: stuffed as it is with severe poses and the crank of focus wheels, this is one for the fashionistas.

There’s more than a whiff of Nineties revivalism about the clip, and there’s some fun to be had notching up reference points (we’ve clocked nods to Missy Elliott, Aaliyah and a young-ish Madonna). That said, some jiggery poker with a magnifying glass aside, it’s a fairly poker-faced affair. Justin Mitchell (also responsible for clips for Rilo Kiley and Marilyn Manson) is in the director’s seat.

In other Banks news, the Harlem starlet recently popped up on a new track from East London associate Shystie. You can listen to the stuttering ‘Control Here’ over here.

‘1991’ is taken from the EP of the same name.



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