Fulgeance releases the Mini Club EP, made exclusively from library music samples

Fulgeance, ever an idiosyncratic soul, has just released a delightful wee curiosity. 

The Frenchman emerged back in 2007 with the slinky Chico EP, subsequently followed up by a worthwhile 7″ on All City Records. His moment in the sun, however, came with 2008’s Low Club EP, a collection which found a distinctive mid-point between Dilla-indebted head-nod and sleazy Gallic electro. Since then, he’s clocked up two more solo EPs (for One Handed Music and Musique Large respectively), and knocked out his first full-length, 2011’s All Of You on Melting Pot Music. He’s also worked extensively with DJ Soulist, producing mildewy hip-hop under the Souleance moniker.

As Playground note, Fulgeance has just gifted a new free  freely streamble EP to the world, stitched together entirely from samples of vintage library music. It’s not a huge surprise: his 2010 Analogiques Vol. 1 mix of cobwebby jingles and incidentals was one of the best surveys of the genre in recent years. The Mini Club EP sees material from classic practitioners like Igor Savin and Claude Larson reconfigured into jacking new shapes. Fulgeance himself describes Mini Club as “like a good dinner presenting many dishes, simple & fresh”, and that just about sums it up – this is uncomplicated, charming fare.



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