Listen to the official remix of Rihanna's 'Cockiness,' featuring A$AP Rocky

The self-described “pretty motherfucker” jumps on the remix of Rihanna’s blatant sex anthem ‘Cockiness.’

To clarify: while billed as one, this isn’t exactly a “remix:” A$AP has just been appended to the front of the song for less than a minute. The stuttering Bangladesh remains intact, as do Rihanna’s subtlety-lacking lyrics (“suck my cockiness” etc.).

For his part, A$AP rattles off the perks of his newfound fame (“wearing fox furs / rocking Oxfords / eating oxtail”) and drops a hilarious use of ‘pause’ after “silly motherfuckers looking awkward / so much dick-riding that my cock hurt.”

However brief, we’ll take another A$AP verse, because who knows when LongLiveA$AP will actually drop. [via Consequence of Sound]



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