Watch Vince Clarke's wonderful guide to the Korg MS20

The Analogue Monologues: the synth buff’s answer to Planet Earth.

Fresh from collaborating with old mucker Martin Gore as VCMG, one-time Depeche Mode/full-time Erasure member Vince Clarke has produced the latest in his ongoing series of synth documentaries. Previous subjects have included the ARP 2600 and the Pro One, and the latest piece hones in on Korg’s legendary MS-20.

It’s a cutesy guide to one of electronic music’s more iconic bits of kit. Clarke’s a droll presenter, and he keeps things accessible enough for the luddite to appreciate. As well as showing the keyboard in action, the video fingers Rolf Harris as an “infamous Korg imposter”, and suggests an innovative use for a Passion Probe Rippler

You can watch the remaining Analogue Monologues over at Clarke’s website. [via The Quietus]



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