Chris Lighty's wife says marital, money issues not to blame for hip-hop mogul's suicide

Last week, the music world was shocked by news of hip-hop mogul Chris Lighty’s apparent suicide.

Now, his wife Veronica is speaking out to clarify rumors that have swirled since his untimely death. Reports stated that the couple was in the process of a divorce, and that Lighty was $5 million in debt.

“My husband was too smart of a man. He was a genius. No smart man is going to leave his children for fighting with his wife,” she told the New York Daily News. “That makes absolutely no sense.”

As for martial problems, Veronica admitted that she filed for divorce last year before retracting it as a “gift to him.” In regards to alleged debt issues, the couple had sold their Chelsea apartment for $5.6 million. “We were not in debt $5 million,” she said.

According to AP reports, Lighty had used the proceeds from the sale of the Chelsea apartment to pay off most of the IRS debt. Still, he owed more than $330,000 in state and federal taxes, and a bank had sued him in April for being overdrawn by $53,584.

Lighty was instrumental in managing the careers of 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, and Missy Elliott. Last year, his Violator Management company merged with Primary Wave Talent Management. Chris Lighty was 44 and is survived by Veronica and their six children.



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