James Murphy hints that he will produce Arcade Fire's new record

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy has dropped hints that he may be working on the new album from Canadian behemoths Arcade Fire. 

As The Stool Pigeon note, speculation has begun after Radio 1’s resident breeze-chatter Zane Lowe invited the DFA head-honcho into the studio last week. During their discussion, the former intimated that Murphy has had a hand in the forthcoming Arcade Fire album, asking: “What can you tell us about what you’re doing? Can you talk about the AF record? Is that on the cards?”.

Murphy’s coy reply – “No, no – that’s not something I can talk about yet. The Abercrombie & Fitch record” – suggests there’s something significant going on behind the scenes with the band.

Murphy has previously talked up his willingness to work with Arcade Fire. In a BBC 6Music interview back in 2010, he revealed that he had “missed two opportunities” to produce the band: “Before Neon Bible [was recorded] I went to Montreal and hung out with them. We talked about doing the record but it just didn’t work out…I took an extra year off but so did they, so when it was time to make [the new LCD Soundsystem] record, they were making theirs.”

Murphy also stressed his desire to eventually make the collaboration plans come good, emphasising that they’re “way younger than me and they’ve got five more records in them, I’m sure”. [via The Guardian]

Murphy, we recently learned, is currently working on a short film with director Ron Howard. Celebrated LCD Soundsystem doc Shut Up And Play The Hits is also wending its way to a store near you.



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