Capracara flips retro workout videos in the clip for garage jam 'Ronin'

Let’s get physical: the video for Capracara’s ‘Ronin’ is an aerobic workout.

As Capracara, London-based Jonathan Burnip has released various permutations of handbag house for labels like DFA, Soul Jazz and Fine Art for half a decade. But the dancefloor-minded producer has found a true home with DJ Haus’ Unknown to the Unknown label, who released last year’s ‘House of Dolls’ and ‘Silvia Solar’.

His latest single on the rave revivalist label, ‘Ronin,’ will be released September 24, backed with a hyperactive remix by fellow Londoners Kodiak. Directed by Thomas de Rijk, the video for ‘Ronin’ fits comfortably in the UTTU aesthetic: analog video effects, scavenged VHS fragments, and cheesy-but-sexy subject matter.



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