No Pain in Pop to release debut album by Los Angeles' Vinyl Williams

No Pain in Pop (Grimes, Patten, Forest Swords) are set to release the debut album by Vinyl Williams.

The recording alias of Lionel Williams, Vinyl’s name has been cropping up all over the place in recent months, and the album appears well timed. Listening to Lemniscate, there are definitely echoes of Ariel Pink, the West Coast’s god of hazy bedroom rock, but with a skittish sense of rhythm that makes Williams’  music notably more paranoid. On ‘Harmonious’, which can be streamed below, his soft voice is right at the forefront, the results reminiscent of the honey-coated pop of Galaxie 500.

Williams also makes visual art, which has been exhibited in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and more. No Pain in Pop will release Lemniscate on November 12; Williams’ own label Salonislam will handle the US.

01 Tokyo – Sumatra
02 Higher Worlds
03 Stellarscope
04 Who Are You?
05 Grassy 4.21
06 Object Of The Source
07 Inner Space
08 Open Your Mind
09 Follow In Your Dreams
10 Harmonious Change (bonus track)



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