Spotify announce major overhaul, move to browser-based service

Spotify are planning a substantial overhaul to their interface.

According to TechCrunch, the music-streaming company are preparing to produce a browser-based version of their current software. Considering that the product currently operates as a stand-alone application, the move to a browser window – which may or may not replace the current service entirely – is a pretty substantive overhaul.

Other changes rumoured to be in the works include a reduced subscription price for the mobile apps, and a greater emphasis across the board on sharing and swapping playlists. The touted Discovery functions are expected to offer users advice on guidance on which playlists to follow.The magazine cite “numerous sources”, but are still waiting on confirmation from Spotify directly.

In some respects, Spotify have been enjoying a banner year: their new focus on the US market, combined with their success as part of Facebook’s Open Graph platform, has nudged their user rate up to 22.2m monthly users. In others, they still have plenty to prove – the service is still, after all, yet to make a dime, and Apple reportedly have a direct competitor on the way.



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