Hear the first play of Midland's all-enveloping take on FLUME's 'Sleepless'

Australian tenderfoot FLUME has got an impressive remix, courtesy of Midland. 

FLUME has barely inched out of his teens, but he’s already enjoyed modest success with last year’s ‘Sleepless’, featuring vocals from Jezzabell Doran. A glossy piece of crawling house, it’s essentially a burnished, lacquered version of Scandi-disco.

Future Classic are set to give the track a deluxe release on September 24, bolstered by some notable remixes: one from pensive LA beatnik Shlohmo, and the other from rising UK producer Midland. FACT have an exclusive stream of the latter – and it’s thick as molasses.

As demonstrated on 2011 breakthrough ‘Bring Joy’, Midland’s an unusually sensuous producer when he wants to be, able to counterpoint brittle drum programming with soft-blush synth textures and all-enveloping reverb. In contrast to his sinewy collaborations with Pariah, Midland’s remix soothes rather than rattles. It’s also one of his more triumphant cuts: like his recent fist-pumping rework of Dusky’s ‘Resin’), this is thoughtfully constructed, undeniably smart big room house.



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