As reported, oft-sampled R&B chanteuse Brandy is readying her comeback record.

Everyone’s second-favourite 1990s starlet (sorry Brandy, Aaliyah’s got that one covered) has already offered up a new video for lead track ‘Put It Down’, and she’s now released the tracklisting for her latest full-length effort.

Two Eleven will feature fourteen tracks. Songwriting contributions come from Frank Ocean, Marion Winons, Tha Business and Jim Jonsin. Unfortunately, genuine villain Chris Brown’s guest spot on ‘Put It Down’ still makes the cut. A deluxe edition is also due, which will come bundled with four extra new tracks.

Two Eleven will be, in Brandy’s words, “no gimmicks, real R&B music”. At the very least, it should make a nice change from hearing her voice chopped to bits by the class of 2012. Two Eleven is due on October 16. [via AllHipHop]

1. Interlude 1
2. Wildest Dreams
3. So Sick
4. Slower
5. No Such Thing As Too Late
6. Let Me Go
7. Without You
8. Put It Down”
9. Hardly Breathing
10. Do You Know What You Have?
11. Scared of Beautiful
12. Wish Your Love Away
13. Paint This House
14. Interlude 2
Deluxe Edition
15. Can You Hear Me Now?
16. Music
17. What You Need
18. Nodding Off



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