Norwegian disco Todd Terje's 'Eurodans' sampled on new Robbie Williams single 'Candy'

How’s this for an unexpected team-up?

Terje – recently collared by FACT for an entertaining interview  – is, along with the likes of Prins Thomas and Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, one of Norway’s best-known practitioners of glossy ‘nu-disco’. Robbie WIlliams, for the benefit of our American readership, was a former member of Nineties boy band behemoths Take That, latterly reinvented as the UK’s best-selling solo artist and general all-round goon.

The former has now found himself being sampled by the latter. Spin report that Williams’ new single ‘Candy’ features a revamped interpolation of Todd Terje’s ‘Eurodans’, released on Soul Jazz back in 2004. According to Norwegian press reports, Williams’ people only got in touch with Terje two weeks prior to the single’s release to clear the sample; somewhat cannily, he subsequently insisted on charging twice his usual rate for the privilege.

It’s not the only unusual version of the track to do the rounds in the last few years: under his New Mjøndalen Disco Swingers alias, Terje issued a quirky live rework back in 2009. Terje’s original and Williams’ interpretation are available to compare and contrast below.



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