Bondax and Haleek Maul look like grandfathers compared to the latest signing to experimental Finnish imprint Fonal Records.

Sami Sänpäkkilä’s label, active since the mid-1990s, remains best-known for Kemialliset Ystävät, Jan Anderzén’s spaced-out college project, and Sänpäkkilä’s own releases as Es. They’ve also clocked up some notable reissues, including Dolphins Into The Future’s On Sea-Faring Isolation earlier this year.

As Ad Hoc report, the label are primed to release an album from fledgling artist Eeliks:en, aka Eelis Mikael Salminen. The musician takes inspiration from the Beatles and AC/DC, and produces a self-styled “mix between electronic and dance music”. Oh, and he’s also seven years old. That’s right: born in 2005.

Debut album Suutre Teiter will arrive later next month. From what we’ve heard. the record is a (really quite wonderful) collection of freewheeling dub. Imagine Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry after a particularly heavy Rusk binge, and you’re on the right track. The results suggest he’s a gifted little chap, although, as with an unusually impressive bit of homework, you can’t help wondering if he’s had a little help from some grown-ups along the way.

You can stream two trippy cuts from the record below, including primitive electro cut ‘You stye a back in row’. We’re also duty bound to mention that the record features guest spots from his little brother Niilo and chums Kalle, Siena and Oscari. Adorable.

Suutre Teiter is due on October 29 on Fonal Records.



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