Bob Dylan to release follow-up to Chronicles memoir

The ever-industrious Bob Dylan has revealed he is working on a sequel to his much-loved 2004 memoir.

Chronicles: Volume 1 was, as autobiographies go, oddly coy, almost entirely circumventing Dylan’s 1960s heyday and wrenching some of his lesser-known works to the foreground. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Dylan revealed that work is underway on the sequel to the book – and it appears that the new volume will fill in some of the sizeable gaps in the original.

Dylan confirmed that he has already finished chapters pertaining to classic albums The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan and Another Side Of Bob Dylan. In his words, the new text would “definitely start with records. I stumbled into a strategy of going into the future and into the past … The whole early part of the first Chronicles was supposed to be based on some old record – maybe Another Side of Bob Dylan … Someplace in the 1960s. I was going to use that [record] and then I could go into the future. Well, what happened was that I … kind of just stayed there, and didn’t really go into the future. When I started writing about the early days in New York, I found it all extremely interesting. When you start doing that, it amazes you what you uncover without even trying”.

The singer also revealed that he’s “always working on parts” of the Chronicles series. Dylan, it ought to be said, has been making noises about Chronicles Vol. 2 for some time: he claimed to be working on the text back in 2008, and he inked a six-book deal with Simon & Schuster back in 2010.



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