Listen to an outtake from Drake's <em>Thank Me Later</em>, the slow burning 'Where Were You'

The slow-burning ‘Where Were You’ features fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Colin Munroe and Diddy protege Dawn Richard.

A collaboration between Munroe, D10, and Drake-favorite Boi-1da, ‘Where Were You’ was intended for Drake’s 2010 proper debut Thank Me Later. Drake contributed a slowed, half-spoken verse to the song, which features Munroe on the hook and Richard on a verse of her own.

The song did not make the final cut for Thank Me Later, but Munroe recorded a solo version. The re-worked song, titled ‘Whatever Became of You,’ appeared on his recent mixtape #UnsungHero. Listen to the demo and Munroe’s official version below. [via Hip Hop Lead]



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