Which musician is the most illegally downloaded in your area? Find out here

A new BBC online tool lets you track which artists are being pirated most frequently in your area. 

The relevant data has been collected and indexed by monitoring organisation Musicmetric. Simply enter your postcode, and you can find out the most illegally shared artist in your vicinity.

The data also reveals that Ed Sheeran is the most pirated musician in the UK. Drake tops the list in the US, and, oddly, Pitbull takes pole position in Hungary. Interestingly, Frank Ocean’s channelORANGE is the third most illegally downloaded album in the UK, and Manchester has the UK’s highest number of shares-per-person in the country. In the first half of 2012, UK users supposedly shared over 40 million albums and singles illegally.

Head over to BBC News to have a go yourself. In our case, the unfortunate title-holder is Lady Gaga (which, we can assure, is nothing to do with us).



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