Experimental Bristol duo Emptyset announce first 12" for Raster-Noton

Emptyset, James Ginzberg and Paul Purgas’ forensic electronic project, is set to make its Raster-Noton debut. 

Along with Pinch and James Fiddian, Ginzberg co-founded the Multiverse family of labels, currently home to Tectonic and Joker’s Kapsize imprint. Purgas, meanwhile, is an emigre from the Bristol sound art scene.

As Emptyset, the pair work to demystify the process of electronic production by reducing it to its absolute bare bones, and the results are often revelatory. 2009’s self-titled debut for Caravan Records saw them turning out thoroughly spartan techno, whereas last year’s Demiurge had a more experimental, algorhythmic feel. This year’s glowering Medium, stitched together from field recordings of a dilapidated Gothic mansion in Gloucestershire, was their most high-concept work to date.

Emptyset are set to return with a new 12″ on revered experimental label Raster-Noton, home to alva noto and Byetone. Collapsed will feature four new tracks, and will see the light of day in November. The record’s carefully wrought press bumpf suggests that Collapsed will probe “the threshold where sonic structure is destabilized to the point where a chaotic order emerges out of a resistance to fragmentation”, which all sounds as rigorous and unyielding as ever.

Collapsed is due on November 15.




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