Ghetto House veteran DJ Funk endeavours to <em>Work Dat Body</em> on new EP

DJ Funk, the man who gave the world the term “ghetto house”, is back with a filthy new EP. 

Charles ‘DJ Funk’ Chambers can comfortably be described as a legend. in his mid 1990s heyday, Chambers was the principal agent in Chicago House’s mutation into the faster, filthier Ghetto House; 1993’s ”House The Groove’ is probably the closest thing the genre has to a sacred text. His runaway tempos and X-rated sloganeering set the tone for the genre, and proved crucial in the subsequent development of juke and footwork (he’s even quoted in Daft Punk’s classic recommended reading list ‘Teachers’). Over twenty years and 40+ EPs, he’s continued to pursue the same scantily clad muse to, by and large, great effect..

Ad Hoc report that DJ Funk has prepped a new EP. Work Dat Body is out on Funk’s own Booty Call Records, and features three tracks of clattering, relentless ghetto house. Clips from the record are available to stream below: as exemplified on the playground back’n’forth on ‘Fuck Dat Ass’, it’s a joyfully unreconstructed, delightfully crass collection.

Work Dat Body dropped yesterday on Booty Call Records.



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