Prince shares a new song, the retro 'RNR Affair'

With a Chicago residency beginning next week, Prince shares a new song.

‘RNR Affair’ is just that: a throwback ode to blues-rooted rock and roll. The pop genius keeps it simple with his guitar-work, synth chords, and a behind-the-beat groove. The song is somewhere between Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and Tom Petty’s ‘American Girl,’ with saccharine lyrics like, “She believed in fairy tales and princes / he believed in jazz, rhythm and blues, and this thing called soul.”

Prince is currently preparing for a multi-date residency at Chicago’s United Center, which begins September 24-26. The residency is in support of Rebuild The Dream, an initiative set up by activist Van Jones to reclaim the US economy from “the banks and the 1%”.

Prince appeared on The View to promote Rebuild the Dream sporting a tight ‘fro. Stream ‘RNR Affair’ and watch the interview below.



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