Watch the balletic video for Brackles' 'Chasing Crazy'

A highlight off this year’s Rinse Presents: Brackles, ‘Chasing Crazy’ receives a eye-catching video.

Brackles is at his finest on ‘Chasing Crazy,’ with a metallic bassline that is robust yet lithe, and a soca-meets-2-step riddim reminiscent of London’s Funky heyday. Cherri V provides the sultry, gently accentled vocals of so many anthems before it.

The video, presented by Noisey, is a simple, backlit clip featuring Cherri V and a pair of Goth dancers who remind the audience what this tune, and the rest of Brackles’ Rinse debut, is for: the dance floor. If you haven’t yet, now is as good a time as any to watch Rinse’s recent documentary series.



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